Welcome from President B. James McCallum, M.D.

Dear Alumni and Friends,

I’ve had the great privilege of being associated with the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Alumni Association for some years now. It never ceases to amaze me what our graduates are accomplishing, especially given the fact that we are such a young medical school. Our first graduating class was small, and is now barely 30 years old, and especially in the first few years, our classes consisted only of a handful of people.

With that in mind, it is tremendous to consider what we have done for the medical care of the people in South Carolina and beyond. We are small in number, but grand in accomplishmepresident B James Mcallumnts.

With that in mind, I also need to point out that given our relatively small number of graduates, every person and every deed makes a difference. For other institutions, if you contribute your money or your time, you are one of the many. For us, by the very nature of our institution, you are one of the few. If you agree to mentor a medical or graduate student, you are providing a tremendous resource.  If you support the alumni association fundraising activities, your contribution may actually make a difference as to whether we can fully fund a scholarship or not. If you serve on a committee, it won’t be an honorary position; you’ll be a contributing member of an important group.

dr. humphries
30 years of teaching.
30 years of memories.
Please view the scrapbook
created to commemorate
the retirement of
Dr. O’Neal Humphries

You may ask why you would want to do any of these things. Why would you want to come to the Black Tie/White Coat Gala, attend your class reunion, or come to a football game? Why would you want to serve on a committee or the alumni association board? In answer, I will tell you medicine is changing. Whether you disagree or agree with the way things are heading, I think we can all agree that things will very be very different this time next year. In uncertain times, it helps to have a home. It helps to have a group of people one can rely on. What better group of folks to navigate these times with than the classmates with whom you went through gross anatomy, biochemistry, and pathology. Come home to the University of South Carolina School of Medicine.

Thank you
B. James McCallum, M.D.
Class of 2001
President, School of Medicine Alumni Association

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